Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct

Responsible gambling consists of the regulations and policies that help a person to play while being responsible and aware of the consequences of compulsive gambling. The code of conduct for responsible gambling also includes provisions for employee training and assistance, alcohol service, provision of all casino games and sports betting, and marketing of casino games and sportsbooks. Alongside, the code also covers public awareness for underage gambling. Here are the important areas in the code of conduct for responsible gambling that online and brick & mortar casino operators must implement.


Promote responsible gambling

All casino and sports betting operators must make the information regarding responsible gambling available to the players before they start playing. Every game should alert the players to play responsibly. They should also make the information about winning and losing chances of a game available to the gamers. Other information includes casino-issued markets, promotions, restrictions, and game limits.

Prevent underage gambling

All casino and sport betting operators must put their best efforts to prevent underage gambling and betting.  No underage person should be allowed in participating in any gambling activity inside a casino, loitering inside the gaming area, and gaining access to online platforms. The casino staff should use the best practices to verify the age of a person thought real-time online support and ID proofs.

Serving alcoholic beverages

Serving alcoholic beverages

Casinos serve their guests with beverages and snacks from time to time to keep them entertained and active. The brick and mortar casinos must create regulations for serving alcohol for their guests. They should not serve alcoholic beverages to minors and limit their free drinks supply to visibly intoxicated guests. The casino staff and waitresses should also be trained not to let any visibly intoxicated person at the gaming areas and control the free beverage supply.

Responsible marketing

Online casinos need the right marketing to gain more traffic on their website. To do so, these online operators offer bonuses and benefits to new members for joining. While doing so, the casino operators should follow the purpose of the code of responsible gambling in their promotions. Putting advertisements on TV, prints, billboards, or the internet must follow certain regulations to not lure in customers for money. Every ad must include a responsible gambling message, should reflect the standards of the casino, and make sure there are no misleading claims about the games.

Pledge to the public and employees

Pledge to the public and employees

Casino operators should also pledge to work in the best interests of the employees and the public. Operators should pay close attention to employee training and how well they are doing with their salary. Both the employees and guests must be aware of all the policies of responsible gambling. Some of the casino operators also work with the local authorities to help fund community services.

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